This site exists as an aggregation of publicly available information from many other sites, as well as the custom designed ledger system. We believe in giving credit where credit is due, so the following sites were used in one fashion or another. We highly recommend checking out these sites on your own, as they may offer services we are not able to provide at this time.

CryptoCompare, LTD.

CryptoCompare is the defacto-standard for many crypto-currency processes. They pull live data from many different sources and display that information for public users to see. A large majority of the data pulls from this site utilize their public API's and the design of their website was more than just an inspiration to the overall functionality of this site.

Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCap provides ton's of statistical data about the various cryptocurrency markets available on the web. They track the prices and volumes for thousands of coins and generate charsts and various other data points from the information they glean. They also provide summary information and historical data from the various exchanges and crypto-services available.

Coin Trackr

CoinTrakr provides a simple widget that can be used for watching the valuation and profitability of a crypto-currency portfolio. Their tool allows you to track many currencies over time so you can visualize what coins are performing well, which one's are not performing, and how much of your portfolio each coin is worth. Their widget was a huge inspiration to the 'Share' link we have made available on the portfolio page.

Google News

The news feeds for this site, and for each individual coin, are populated through feeds from the Google News Engine. Their RSS Feeds automatically update over time and change the content of this site accordingly. All the articles they provide are properly cited and links to the original content are provided.

Block Explorer

This site is an amazing site for exploring the block chain for BitCoin and a few other crypto-currencies. Future developments on this site might involve a block chain explorer modelled after the interface and design used on Block Explorer. The Block Explorer allows you to trace down events on the block chain by Block Number/Hash, Transaction Id or Wallet Address.

Ether Scan

The Ether Scan site is setup to explore the Ethereum block chain and services, very much like the Block Explorer website. You can scan information via Block number, transaction Id or wallet address.


This website has been developed with the Laravel framework. This is a PHP framework that allows for rapid development and eloquent code design. This full stack developmental environment is a great way to learn about the power within the PHP language.


A large majority of the client side scripting is being made available via various Node and NPM modules. These libraries simplify and functionality of client side Javascript. There are no limits in development when you utilize a library suite like Node.Js


The front end of the CryptoTrackr website uses the Bootstrap style library and scripts. These libraries give the site a unified design, while still giving the developers the power build whatever is needed.