Ethereum (ETH)

Curr. Value 24 Hr. Change ($) 24 Hr. Change (%)
USD 217.77000000 -10.37000000 -4.76
BTC 0.02085000 -0.00018000 -0.86
EUR 194.28000000 -8.79000000 -4.52
GBP 175.47000000 -7.47000000 -4.26
JPY 23667.62000000 -1064.82000000 -4.5
Property Value
Last Updated 2019-07-16 11:12:37
Market Cap. $ 23,284,621,000
Volume 24h $ 148,197,000
Open 24h $ 230.00
Low/High 24h $ 213.39 - $ 235.56
Ethereum Market Analysis

The Ethereum price is sitting at $ 217.77, representing a loss of -4.76 % in the last 24 hours.

A week ago, ETH was valued at $ 307.89 , showing a loss of -41.38 % since that time.

30 days ago, ETH was valued at $ 268.53 , showing a loss of -23.31 %.

More than $148.20 M worth of ETH were exchanged in the ETH/USD market over the last 24 hours.

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Ethereum Historical Prices

Date Price (USD) Change
Rank Max Supply Algorithm Proof Type Start Date Difficulty Adjustment
2 0 Ethash PoW 30/07/2015 Per 1 Block
Block Reward Reduction Block Number Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward Block Time
8162628 1.6949305772359E+14 106923518.9365 2 15

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. In the Ethereum protocol and blockchain there is a price for each operation. The general idea is, in order to have things transferred or executed by the network, you have to consume or burn Gas. The cryptocurrency is called Ether and is used to pay for computation time and for transaction fees.

If you want to earn block rewards from the network, you can join the network as a miner. Follow the link for a guide on how to mine Ethereum on a Windows Pc. The much easier but a bit more expensive way is to buy an Ethereum mining contract

Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work. As long as you have enough funds to pay for your code to be run by the network, your contacts will always be up and running.

It was crowdfunded during August 2014 by fans all around the world. It is developed and maintained by ETHDEV with contributions from great minds across the globe. There is also an Ethereum foundation and there are multiple startups working with the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is currently on the "Homestead" stage and all its related software is still considered Beta until the release of the next stage "Metropolis". 

If you are looking for a GUI interface for your wallet, try the Ethereum Wallet DApp. It's still in beta so be careful when you use it.

Our block explorer data bellow is freely provided by and

Ethereum Mining Profitability
Profit Per Hour
ETH 0.00
Pool Cost/Hour
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Hour
$ 0.00
Profit Per Day
ETH 0.00
Pool Cost/Day
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Day
$ 0.00
Profit Per Week
ETH 0.00
Pool Cost/Week
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Week
$ 0.00
Profit Per Month
ETH 0.00
Pool Cost/Month
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Month
$ 0.00
Profit Per Year
ETH 0.00
Pool Cost/Year
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Year
$ 0.00
Hardware costs will
be paid off in:

Ethereum is a platform that is intended to allow people to easily write decentralized applications (Đapps) using blockchain technology. A decentralized application is an application which serves some specific purpose to its users, but which has the important property that the application itself does not depend on any specific party existing. Rather than serving as a front-end for selling or providing a specific party's services, a Đapp is a tool for people and organizations on different sides of an interaction use to come together without any centralized intermediary.

Contracts generally serve four purposes:

- Maintain a data store representing something which is useful to either other contracts or to the outside world; one example of this is a contract that simulates a currency, and another is a contract that records membership in a particular organization.

- Serve as a sort of externally owned account with a more complicated access policy; this is called a "forwarding contract" and typically involves simply resending incoming messages to some desired destination only if certain conditions are met; for example, one can have a forwarding contract that waits until two out of a given three private keys have confirmed a particular message before resending it (ie. multisig). More complex forwarding contracts have different conditions based on the nature of the message sent; the simplest use case for this functionality is a withdrawal limit that is overrideable via some more complicated access procedure.

- Manage an ongoing contract or relationship between multiple users. Examples of this include a financial contract, an escrow with some particular set of mediators, or some kind of insurance. One can also have an open contract that one party leaves open for any other party to engage with at any time; one example of this is a contract that automatically pays a bounty to whoever submits a valid solution to some mathematical problem, or proves that it is providing some computational resource.

- Provide functions to other contracts; essentially serving as a software library.

Contracts interact with each other through an activity that is alternately called either "calling" or "sending messages". A "message" is an object containing some quantity of ether (a special internal currency used in Ethereum with the primary purpose of paying transaction fees), a byte-array of data of any size, the addresses of a sender and a recipient. When a contract receives a message it has the option of returning some data, which the original sender of the message can then immediately use. In this way, sending a message is exactly like calling a function.

Sandwich complexity model: the bottom level architecture of Ethereum should be as simple as possible, and the interfaces to Ethereum (including high level programming languages for developers and the user interface for users) should be as easy to understand as possible. Where complexity is inevitable, it should be pushed into the "middle layers" of the protocol, that are not part of the core consensus but are also not seen by end users - high-level-language compilers, argument serialization and deserialization scripts, storage data structure models, the leveldb storage interface and the wire protocol, etc. However, this preference is not absolute.

Freedom: users should not be restricted in what they use the Ethereum protocol for, and we should not attempt to preferentially favor or disfavor certain kinds of Ethereum contracts or transactions based on the nature of their purpose. This is similar to the guiding principle behind the concept of "net neutrality". One example of this principle not being followed is the situation in the Bitcoin transaction protocol where use of the blockchain for "off-label" purposes (eg. data storage, meta-protocols) is discouraged, and in some cases explicit quasi-protocol changes (eg. OP_RETURN restriction to 40 bytes) are made to attempt to attack applications using the blockchain in "unauthorized" ways. In Ethereum, we instead strongly favor the approach of setting up transaction fees in such a way as to be roughly incentive-compatible, such that users that use the blockchain in bloat-producing ways internalize the cost of their activities (ie. Pigovian taxation).

Generalization: protocol features and opcodes in Ethereum should embody maximally low-level concepts, so that they can be combined in arbitrary ways including ways that may not seem useful today but which may become useful later, and so that a bundle of low-level concepts can be made more efficient by stripping out some of its functionality when it is not necessary. An example of this principle being followed is our choice of a LOG opcode as a way of feeding information to (particularly light client) dapps, as opposed to simply logging all transactions and messages as was internally suggested earlier - the concept of "message" is really the agglomeration of multiple concepts, including "function call" and "event interesting to outside watchers", and it is worth separating the two.

Have No Features: as a corollary to generalization, the dev team often refuses to build in even very common high-level use cases as intrinsic parts of the protocol, with the understanding that if people really want to do it they can always create a sub-protocol (eg. ether-backed subcurrency, bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin sidechain, etc) inside of a contract. An example of this is the lack of a Bitcoin-like "locktime" feature in Ethereum, as such a feature can be simulated via a protocol where users send "signed data packets" and those data packets can be fed into a specialized contract that processes them and performs some corresponding function if the data packet is in some contract-specific sense valid.

Non-risk-aversion: the dev team is okay with higher degrees of risk if a risk-increasing change provides very substantial benefits (eg. generalized state transitions, 50x faster block times, consensus efficiency, etc)

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD recovery blocked by $230 handle  FXStreet

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capitalization of $24.4 billion, has recovered about 3% of its value in recent 24.

Set Protocol Launches Ethereum Trading Strategy Bots  CoinDesk

Set Labs, San Francisco-based investment platform, unveiled an Ethereum-based financial trading instrument that captures crypto's volatile attributes for the ...

Ethereum technical analysis: Bulls recover as ETH/USD approached $200, bears attempt comeback  FXStreet

ETH/USD found resistance at $275-level and plummetted down to $226.50, losing 17.65% of its price in the process. This Monday, the price initially dr.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD reclaims $230 amid widespread crypto recovery  FXStreet

Ethereum recovery is lagging behind the other top three digital assets. Bitcoin is up 4.3% and has zoomed above $10600 while Ripple is trading at $0.

Ethereum Falls by 20% as Bitcoin Taps $10,000, Is There Hope for ETH?  newsBTC

Ouch, Ethereum (ETH) isn't looking too hot. In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has lost 20%, while Bitcoin (BTC) has shed a relatively mere 10% in the ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Corrects Down From Highs of $300, Further Bearishness Can Take it to $200  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum price has continued its bearish spree today, as, yesterday, Bitcoin has also come down to its crucial support near $10k. ETH had been trading above ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Continues to Fall; Hovers Around $265  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum (ETH) price is slipping on the price chart. The same is seen in many other coins in the market. There was an expectation of upsurge from the coin, ...

Ethereum Validating Nodes More Attainable as ETH Price Collapses  Bitcoinist

Bloody Monday has been a harsh start to the week for many crypto assets, Ethereum among them.

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin Price Analysis: ETH Takes Heavy Drive But BTC Maintains Its Momentum  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) are the top rankers of the crypto market. The movement in the price affects many altcoins in the market. The third quarter has ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Hits New Daily Low at $200, Can it Recover?  CryptoPotato

The cryptocurrency market has undergone a major shift over the past 24 hours as Bitcoin briefly dropped below the $10000 level. Ethereum wasn't left out.

Ethereum Price Dives 20%: ETH/BTC Breakdown The Main Driver  newsBTC

Ethereum price fell significantly below $250 and 0.0250 versus the US Dollar and bitcoin respectively. ETH price remains at a risk of more losses if it breaks ...

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD consolidation shows vulnerabilities  FXStreet

The Ethereum price in the latter stages of trading on Friday is trading up with gains of 2.50%, as the price tries to stabilize following the pressur.

Ethereum Vulnerable, ETH Price Below Three-Month Support  newsBTC

A congress man may have approval from election authorities as he seeks approval to issue an Ethereum token. Meanwhile, ETH could slide to $230.

Weekend Ethereum (ETH) Flash Crash: Manipulation or Just a Large Sell?  Blockonomi

On Sunday, July 14th, the ether price crashed from $266 USD to $245 in less than an hour and then lower yet to $214 as the day progressed.

Ripple vs Ethereum: XRP and ETH Battle for a Price Recovery  CryptoNewsZ

Crypto market seems to be having a rough patch as the BTC's price fall below $12000 has affected leading altcoins' price trend negatively and significantly, ...

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD stays above $300, further upside is limited  FXStreet

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capitalization of $32.6 billion, has grown by nearly 5ˆ in recent 24 hours to beco.

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Touches $200, Recovery Could Face Hurdles  Blockonomi

Ethereum price declined nearly $100.00 in the past seven days and traded close to the $200.00 support. Similarly, there were heavy losses in bitcoin, ripple, ...

Ethereum technical analysis: ETH/USD breaking down critical support around $300 mark, inviting additional wave of sellers  FXStreet

A *fresh* wave of selling pressure has come into play, as near-term demand is being broken down around $300 area. A failure in the noted support holding.

Vitalik Buterin Suggests Using The Bitcoin Cash Blockchain For Ethereum 'Data Layer'  ETHNews

As a temporary solution to Ethereum's scaling issues, Vitalik Buterin has suggested using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a data layer where transaction ...

Ethereum (ETH) Likely To Expand Because of On-Chain Enhancements  newsBTC

From Constantinople to the activation of EIP 1234, Ethereum fundamentals are overly bullish. Add that to possible plans of reducing ETH issuance by 2021 and ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Bearishly Dips Below its Key Support Levels  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has recently broken its key support near $285 and even had a fall below $265; Yesterday's price fall has caused ETH to trade below $300; The coin ...

Ethereum price prediction: Set to test descending channel support near $ 260  FXStreet

The second most favorite cryptocurrency keeps its weekend bearish bias intact, having lost about 2% over the last 24 hours, as the bears continue to g.

Ethereum Classic Devs Building a ‘Chainhopping’ Bridge Between ETH and ETC  Cointelegraph

ETC Labs says it will enable interoperability between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains.

Ethereum market overview: ETH/USD defies bear pressure posting gains past $290  FXStreet

Ethereum has embarked on a recovery journey ahead of the weekend. The movement north is unique because Ethereum appears to be breaking away from ...

Ethereum technical analysis: ETH/USD continues to retest the breached flag structure; platform for the bulls to capitalize  FXStreet

Spot rate: 309.34 Relative change: +0.94% High: 311.89 Low: 302.59 ETH/USD 60-minute chart Near-term supply can be observed around the $310 territory.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Revisits Key Support: Risk of Breakdown Looming  newsBTC

Ethereum price is facing a lot of hurdles versus the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH price must break the $296 and $300 resistance levels to start a decent recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Price Take A Volatile Turn In The First Week Of The Third Quarter  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum Price has been moving in its own direction. The volatility has many times raised the eyebrows of the traders but also given them the solace of drawing ...

Ethereum (ETH) Bulls Shaky, Close Above $400 Vital  newsBTC

Even with positive regulation and eyes at Ethereum 2.0, ETH bulls risk dropping to $230 and $170 is sellers press lower despite ETC interoperability drive.

Ethereum Price Analysis - ETH 2.0 phase 0 slated for January 2020  Brave New Coin

Although ETH 2.0 is still in the early stages of development, the changes are actively being discussed, debated, and coded, with a phase 0 release slated for ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Smashes Resistance: Stage Set For $300?  newsBTC

Ethereum price is climbing higher sharply versus the US Dollar, similar to bitcoin. ETH price is above many hurdles and it is likely to continue higher along with ...

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD recovers from intraday lows, still down 12% day-on-day  FXStreet

The coin crashed from the recent high of $363.54 and hit $274.86 during early Asian hours on Friday. The second largest cryptocurrency with the curren.

Ethereum price data analysis: ETH price can go down to 196?  Cryptopolitan

The queen of cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH is going down with Bitcoin. Ethereum price data analysis reveals that the currency went down over twenty percent (

Ethereum market update: ETH/USD rebounding from $280 support  FXStreet

Ethereum in tandem with Bitcoin price is leading the market in declines on the first day of the month which also happens to be the first day of this week's trading.

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Over a month, the crypto market has gone through major ups and downs largely due to Bitcoin's impacting price moves. BTC price had seen two massive price ...

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Bitcoin's recent Bull Run above $12k had created enough stir in the crypto market causing a majority of the cryptocurrencies to trade with a bullish impact. Due to ...

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD breaks above $300 enters the overbought territory  FXStreet

Ethereum hit $315.31 high during early Asian hours and retreated to $308.68 by the time of writing. The second largest cryptocurrency with the current.

Perspective: Ethereum (ETH), the World's Second Largest Cryptocurrency, Shows No Signs of Slowing Down  Crowdfund Insider

Ethereum (ETH) is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and while it doesn't benefit from Bitcoin's 'first starter' advantage, in.

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Through taking advantage of the volatility nature of crypto, Set Labs has unveiled Trend Trading ETH 20 Day Simple Moving Average Crossover Set tool to help ...

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Ethereum offers a lot of potential in the form of smart contracts and tokenization. This has led to many competing cryptocurrency networks to implement these ...

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In their path to perfection, a new dApp research report reveals that Ethereum is preferred by developers. It also links ETH prices with activity.

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD bulls have to clear $320 barrier  FXStreet

The coin has recovered from Monday's low of $294 to trade at $313.30 by the time of writing. The second largest cryptocurrency with the current market.

Istanbul Tunes Ethereum (ETH), Prices Firm Above $300  newsBTC

During an impending Ethereum upgrade dubbed “Istanbul”, there will be activation of two approved Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) in 2024 and 1702.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD pullback hits a dead-end at $300; trendline hints upside breakout  FXStreet

Ethereum recovery has come to a sudden end short of $300 pivotal level. The call by the bulls to push the digital asset back to the glory above $350 w.

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD on retreat after Sunday’s growth  FXStreet

Ethereum (ETH) hit $279 on Sunday only to retread below $270 by the time of writing. The second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capital.

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Rebound attempt after two bloody days  FXStreet

The weekend has left some moves that have generated quite a stir. Bitcoin finally gave way to bass development and took advantage of Sunday to go in.

Binance Cuts Time Needed for BTC, ETH Deposits and Withdrawals  CoinDesk

Binance has just cut the time needed to make withdrawals and deposits in two top cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange announced Tuesday that it's adjusted ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Tops $231.94 on Exchanges  Trent Times

Ethereum (CURRENCY:ETH) traded down 2.8% against the US dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 17:00 PM ET on July 15th. Ethereum has a market ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Descends Even Further; Currently Trades at $270  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum price further drops from $275 and currently trades at $270. Ethereum seems to be anchored by Bitcoin and its price trend, but it does not exhibit the ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Corrects Sharply: Dips Present Buying Opportunity  newsBTC

Ethereum price is currently correcting recent gains versus the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH price is likely to stay above the $320 support and it could bounce back ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Facing Uphill Task: Can It Rally Similar To Bitcoin  newsBTC

Ethereum price is facing a strong resistances versus the US Dollar, and declined vs bitcoin. ETH price must clear the $320 barrier to accelerate higher in the ...

Ethereum: Despite Recent Volatility, Analysts Believe ETH Could Soon Test $363  newsBTC

Despite Bitcoin being in a firm uptrend over the past few months, the aggregated crypto markets have largely experienced lackluster price action, but Ethereum ...

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD hovers around $270 amid directionless trading  FXStreet

Ethereum (ETH) has recovered from Tuesday's low of $260 to trade at $268 on Wednesday. The second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capit.

Ethereum SubZero Freeze Announced As ETH Bears Press Lower  newsBTC

The significance of SubZero and its roll in paving the way for Ethereum 2.0 cannot be understated. Although prices may recover in days ahead, ETH is bullish.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Struggling Below $320: Range Moves Before Higher?  newsBTC

Ethereum price is currently consolidating gains in a broad range versus the US Dollar, just like bitcoin. ETH price must stay above $295 and $290 to climb higher ...

'Phase Zero' of a New Ethereum Blockchain Could Go Live Next January  CoinDesk

The next major iteration of the ethereum blockchain – dubbed ethereum 2.0 – may see a partial launch as early as January 2020. Proposed by Ethereum ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Primed To Surpass $325  newsBTC

Ethereum price is slowly gaining traction above $310 versus the US Dollar, whereas consolidating vs bitcoin. ETH price is likely to break the $320 and $325 ...

ETH/USD price analysis: Analysts peg Ethereum as the next coin to outperform major cryptocurrencies  FXStreet

Analysts believe that investors who can no longer invest in Bitcoin should invest in Ethereum instead. Alunaut, a cryptoanalyst and co-founder of Gami.

Breaking: Ethereum (ETH) plummets below $300  FXStreet

The ongoing crypto carnage sending most digital assets on a tailspin. Ethereum is under $300 press time following declines from highs above $360. The.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD bears set eyes on $240.00 barrier  FXStreet

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capitalization of $29.6 billion, has extended the decline during Asian hours on Tu.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Climbing Higher: Can Bulls Break $275 This Time?  newsBTC

Ethereum price is slowly climbing towards key resistances versus the US Dollar, but struggling vs bitcoin. ETH price might even clear the $275 resistance if the ...

Ethereum Futures Inbound as Demand For Bitcoin Dervatives Explodes  newsBTC

Ethereum futures might be right on the horizon, indicated by a quiet CME update. This comes as demand for Bitcoin derivatives has exploded on BitMEX & CME.

Ethereum Need Developers Now Than Never, ETH Surging, Up 32.1%  newsBTC

Developers are the backbone for any crypto project. Ethereum is no exception. Ahead of Istanbul and even Serenity, ETH prices rely on their ingenuity.

Ethereum price analysis: Will ETH/USD face bearish correction soon?  FXStreet

ETH/USD bulls have been in control of the market for three days in a row. While the price has gone up from $316.50 to $333.50 so far this Wednesday al.

Ethereum technical analysis: ETH/USD bearish pennant structure eyed  FXStreet

Spot rate: 273.54 Relative change: -5.19% High: 288.65 Low: 262.00 ETH/USD 60-minute chart Price action is moving within a bearish pennant via the 60.

Ripple vs Ethereum: XRP Nosedives, ETH Ranges Below Key Support Levels  CryptoNewsZ

Yesterday happened to be an unpleasant day for BTC (fell below $12000) and many other altcoins as they kept trading in a bearish manner. The price action ...

Ethereum price analysis: Can ETH/USD do two bullish days in a row?  FXStreet

ETH/USD bulls are trying to have two straight bullish days in a row. The market is currently trending in a triangle formation. So far, the price has g.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD hangs on a thread at $300; what’s next?  FXStreet

There is calm across the market after a selloff that wiped over $70 billion off the market in less than 24-hours. The dust is currently settling for Ethereum as well in ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Tepid As Developers Prepare For Beacon Chain  newsBTC

Phase Zero of Ethereum's Beacon Chain is scheduled for early Jan 2020 even though the exact date is tentative subject to testnet results.

Ethereum Foundation announces spec freeze for ETH 2.0  CryptoSlate

Danny Ryan, a developer with the Ethereum Foundation, announced that the code freeze of Phase Zero, the first iteration of Ethereum 2.0, was live. According to ...

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: Bitcoin Walks With Healthy Momentum, Ethereum (ETH) Follows BTC  CryptoNewsZ

Bitcoin (BTC) touched $11,000 on the chart yesterday. The digit was unimaginable a month ago, but the at everyone's surprise BTC has achieved the ...

Ethereum technical analysis: Bears step in to tackle ETH/USD at $275  FXStreet

The daily ETH/USD price is currently trending in an upwards channel. Four out of the last seven sessions have been bullish. The price went up from $2.

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD drops under $270, bears take revenge  FXStreet

Ethereum (ETH) attempted to recover above hit $270 on Tuesday, failed to maintain the upside movement. The second largest cryptocurrency with the curr.

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Dips Over 3% in Past 24 hours. What Next?  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum price slump extended, where it took the coin even below its major support level of $265 yesterday. Today, the coin has elevated from that fall and is ...

Ethereum Vs. EOS: Ethereum’s (ETH) Rapid Surge Has Taken Over EOS’ Crawling Trend  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has shown mind-blowing performance in this week, and the coin continues to surge steadily to cross $350 mark. On the other hand, EOS, also ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Awakens, New Highs or Downturn Ahead?  Cryptovest

ETH prices are at a crossroads, with the danger of sinking far below $300.

Ethereum Vs. Litecoin: Ethereum (ETH) Gives Mixed Trend While Litecoin (LTC) Continues With Downtrend  CryptoNewsZ

The last week of June has been slow for most of the currencies after mid-week when the Bitcoin prices started dropping from $13,000. ETH has moved ...

Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: Ethereum (ETH) Follows Surge As Bitcoin (BTC) Rises Above $10,500  CryptoNewsZ

The world's topmost currency has again gone bullish way by trading above $10,500, and it has resulted in most of the coins follow the surge. ETH is no behind, ...

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD consolidating in a flag formation  FXStreet

ETH/USD daily price has gone up from $308 to $311 in the early hours of Wednesday, following a bearish Tuesday, wherein the price went down from $313.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD range-bound above $300, upside momentum fades away  FXStreet

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency with the current market capitalization of $33.2 billion, has recovered from the recent low of $303.00 to trade at ...

Ethereum (ETH) price analysis: ETH/USD breaks above $270, no follow through as of yet  FXStreet

Ethereum hit $271.44 high during early Asian hours and retreated to $270.30 by the time of writing. The second largest cryptocurrency with the current.

Ethereum Price Analysis: Will Ethereum (ETH) Cross $320 In This Week?  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum seems to be launching itself in the surging trends and may rise upwards steeply in the coming weeks. The coin has shown tremendous growth in the ...

Ethereum market update: ETH/USD impending double-top pattern reaction post end-week surge  FXStreet

Ethereum followed in the footsteps of Bitcoin amid the end-week surge. Bitcoin revamped the recovery on Thursday breaking above $9500. This encourage.

Ethereum Adds Two Billion to Market Cap as Buying Pressure Flourishes; Factors & Trends  newsBTC

Ethereum has benefited greatly from the recent crypto market surge that has led Bitcoin towards the critical $10,000 price level, and ETH is now holding above a ...

Ethereum technical analysis: ETH/USD heading toward big game changing $400 barrier; huge gains of over 10%  FXStreet

Spot rate: 347.54 Relative change: +10.86% High: 349.46 Low: 249.63 ETH/USD 60-minute chart Price action broke out from a bullish pennant formation as.

Ethereum technical analysis: Will ETH/USD bulls target $275 anytime soon?  FXStreet

ETH/USD had a bearish opening this Thursday and is currently trading for $268.75. This Wednesday has been pretty bullish as the price went up from $2.

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Goes Above And Beyond $280; Week To Close On A High Note  CryptoNewsZ

After days of slow trend, Ethereum has finally picked up the momentum and rising upwards. The coin has given a reason to traders and investors to celebrate the ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Tumbles Again But Jumps Back To $306 Within A Day  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has been performing at its best since the beginning of the last week of June, but as the week as well as the month approaches end, ETH token seems ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Resumes Back To Trading Below $300  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has been trading well since last weekend before the start of the slow trends when the coin again slipped back to trading below $300. ETH holders ...

Ethereum (ETH) Records 2% Surge In The Last 5 Hours And Over 6% Surge In The Day  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has finally brought back the bullish trends and now riding at $288.89 and moving forward. The coin is expected to cross the $290 mark by the end of ...

Ripple vs Ethereum: XRP and ETH Heading for Another Run  CryptoNewsZ

Recent Bitcoin bull-run caused notable price surges within a majority of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Ripple. Especially, benefiting the XRP price ...

Ethereum (ETH) Network Loses Nodes as Hashrate Falls  Cryptovest

The Ethereum network is going through a process of shedding nodes, while mining is slowing down.

Ethereum Trading Down 9.3% This Week (ETH)  Trent Times

Ethereum (CURRENCY:ETH) traded 4.7% lower against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 17:00 PM Eastern on July 13th.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Uptrend Gaining Pace Towards $285 & $300  Blockonomi

Ethereum price remains in a strong uptrend above the $262.00 pivot level. ETH price is likely to continue higher, similar to bitcoin and it could even break the ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) ranks 2nd in Q2 list; will this be a turn-on for the coin?  CryptoNewsZ released the quarter 2 list where Ethereum ranks after Tron (TRX). EOS stands third on the list, but there is a possibility that EOS might go up and ...

0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe  Cointelegraph

The Ethereum (ETH) smart contract of 0x (ZRX) decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol has been suspended after a vulnerability has been uncovered in its ...

Ethereum (ETH) Price Holding Support But Facing Many Hurdles  newsBTC

Ethereum price struggled to remain above the $310 and $315 levels versus the US Dollar, and declined vs bitcoin. ETH price is currently holding $290, but ...

Ethereum market update: ETH/USD surge above $300 sparks fresh investor interest  FXStreet

Ethereum recent surge saw it successfully ace the challenge at $300 barrier. The gains mostly connected to Bitcoin surge have, however, resulted in mo.

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Records Surge Of 3% In Day; 1% In Last 4 Hours  CryptoNewsZ

For Ethereum (ETH), The highest value of the day has fallen from $322 to $301 as noted till now since yesterday, but the coin may show steep surge as the day ...

Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) to Follow the Rising Footsteps of Bitcoin (BTC) Soon  CryptoNewsZ

Ethereum has come a long way and recorded considerable growth in the year 2019. Similarly, Bitcoin has also proliferated since the beginning of the year, and ...