PeerCoin (PPC)

Curr. Value 24 Hr. Change ($) 24 Hr. Change (%)
USD 0.41239093 -0.00480907 -1.17
BTC 0.00005196 -0.00000046 -0.89
EUR 0.37016408 -0.00373592 -1.01
GBP 0.32543483 -0.00306517 -0.94
JPY 45.58226229 -0.62773771 -1.38
Property Value
Last Updated 2019-05-22 03:12:22
Market Cap. $ 10,462,000
Volume 24h $ 0
Open 24h $ 0.41
Low/High 24h $ 0.41 - $ 0.43
PeerCoin Market Analysis

The PeerCoin price is sitting at $ 0.41, representing a loss of -1.17 % in the last 24 hours.

A week ago, PPC was valued at $ 0.41 , showing a loss of -0.07 % since that time.

30 days ago, PPC was valued at $ 0.54 , showing a loss of -31.87 %.

More than 2.62 BTC worth of PPC were exchanged in the PPC/BTC market over the last 24 hours.

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PeerCoin Historical Prices

Date Price (USD) Change
Rank Max Supply Algorithm Proof Type Start Date Difficulty Adjustment
14 23/09/2014
Block Reward Reduction Block Number Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward Block Time
431445 0 25368729.736797 50.343140047044 0

A peer-to-peer crypto-currency design derived from Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin. Proof-of-Stake replaces Proof-of-Work to provide most of the network security. Under this hybrid design proof-of-work mainly provides initial minting and is largely non-essential in the long run. Security level of the network is not highly enery dependent thus providing an energy efficient and more cost-competitive peer-to-peer crypto-currency. Proof-of-Stake is based on coin age and generated by each node via a hashing scheme bearing similarity to Bitcoins but over limited search space. Block chain history and transaction settlement are further protected by a centrally broadcasted checkpoint mechanism.

PeerCoin Mining Profitability
Profit Per Hour
PPC 0.00
Pool Cost/Hour
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Hour
$ 0.00
Profit Per Day
PPC 0.00
Pool Cost/Day
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Day
$ 0.00
Profit Per Week
PPC 0.00
Pool Cost/Week
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Week
$ 0.00
Profit Per Month
PPC 0.00
Pool Cost/Month
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Month
$ 0.00
Profit Per Year
PPC 0.00
Pool Cost/Year
$ 0.00
Power Cost/Year
$ 0.00
Hardware costs will
be paid off in:

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